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Donate by Phone, Mail, or Electronic Funds

Follow these instructions to send donations securely.

Gift Center PO Box 3680 You also may be able to make an electronic transfer of funds to LHON Collective through online personal banking. Here’s how: Gift Center PO Box 3680

Donate by Phone

Please call Uli Heine, Donor Services, at  1-858-205-6102 if you would like to make a donation by phone.

Donate by Mail

Click the link below, print out the form and mail it — with check or credit card information — to LHON Collective’s secure, authorized donation processor at the address below:

LHON Collective

San Diego, CA 92163

Donate by Electronic Funds Transfer

Please call Uli Heine, Donor Services, at 1-858-205-6102 if you would like to make an Electronic Funds Transfer to LHON Collective.

  • Your online banking should have an option to make a payment (often referred to as “Bill Pay” or similar). Select that payment option.

  • Select the button to “Add a Company” or similar.

A search window should pop up. In the search field, type in “LHON Collective” and click the Search button. Select “LHON Collective”, then “Donation.”

If LHON Collective is not listed as a payee by your bank, you can still donate to LHON Collective by check through your bank’s online portal by entering our lockbox address:

LHON Collective

San Diego, CA 92163

  • Type in the amount you wish to donate.

  • During this process, you should also see a field labeled “Account Number” or “Memo” to record additional information. Please insert “Donation.”

  • Click “Submit” or a similar button to complete the transfer process.

  • Within 30 days of your donation, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt via the personal mailing address currently linked with your bank account. To update this information, please reach out to your banking institution directly. Additional information regarding receipts for donations made directly to LHON Collective can be provided by contacting 1-858-205-6102.

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